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How To Choose Your Breeder

Choosing a breeder is a serious decision and you need to be informed. This is advice I used as a guideline when sourcing my own breeding animals.


It's important to understand why a breeder chose to raise and rehome animals for pets. It is easy to discern those breeders who are strictly in the business to gain a profit. Their prices are usually exorbitant without having a solid explanation and they judge potential customers on social media who cannot afford their pet prices. These types of breeders are usually taking shortcuts to increase their profits while stagnating their investments. When choosing for...

Why I Started Breeding

I was a mother, wife, soldier, daughter, sister, student, and everything else before I was myself. I was so busy being there for everyone else that I had forgot how to be there for myself. I had no hobbies since having my son because as a new mom that was my full time job (along with my paying full time job :)). So one day, almost six years after my whole life changed, I decided that Raven needed to do something that Raven liked to do! ...