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Why I Started Breeding

I was a mother, wife, soldier, daughter, sister, student, and everything else before I was myself. I was so busy being there for everyone else that I had forgot how to be there for myself. I had no hobbies since having my son because as a new mom that was my full time job (along with my paying full time job :)). So one day, almost six years after my whole life changed, I decided that Raven needed to do something that Raven liked to do! I have raised animals my whole life and nothing brings me more peace of mind than raising animals that are meant to be companions. I chose to breed Frenchies and Bengals because of their intelligence, loving disposition, and easy-going character.

I began learning all I could about breeding animals safely and humanely, the history of French Bulldogs and Bengal Cats, and animal genetics. I have a scientific mind and so breeding and animals genetics appealed to me on a level that got me excited to start my business. I was not just going to breed Frenchies and Bengals, I was going to breed THE BEST Frenchies and Bengals that I possibly could. First, I fell in love with the animals and then with the science of reproduction. It feels like these breeds were made for me and my family. I love the pop culture look of Frenchies and the exotic look of Bengals.

The problem with starting a breeding program is that there are not many reputable breeders in the US or abroad. A lot of pets come from mills where they are treated inhumanely. This lack of quality breeding programs in the US and abroad is the reason why I decided to start my own program. It is my passion to provide only the best care and homes to my pets who will eventually become companions to others as they have been for me my whole life. I want others to be able to experience the love and compassion that pets can add to their lives.

All of my animals have undergone genetic health screens and testing. They receive only the best in proper nutrition, hydration, and supplements. And all testing and vaccinnations are based upon scientific research and the recommendations of their veternarian. There is no better care for them than with me.

The Birchwood Cottage is not a business, it is a home away from home for me. 

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