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Our First Frenchie Litter of 2019

We're so happy to announce that we brought our first litter of the year into the world on February 20th 2019! Masha did an excellent job free whelping 7 adorable, healthy puppies. I was there by her side the entire time to offer support and monitor the progress of the labor and delivery. Masha literally did all the hard work herself. It was an exhausting day and night for both of us. And now we cannot wait for the pups to open their eyes and begin exploring their living area and eventually the house. It's going to be a joy watching them grow and then placing them with their forever families. We have partnered with Puppyspot and Nextdaypets to place all of our puppies in loving homes that are suited to care for them for the duration of their lives. I thank Puppyspot and Nextdaypets for providing the service that they do and for allowing me to raise puppies better by screening all potential puppy buyers before they even meet me!! But Please do not feel intimidated or hesitant to call, text, or email me if you want to know the process of getting your new puppy. Part of my job is still being a lifetime source of support and education. Goodnight for now, I've got another long night ahead of me :)

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