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How Often We Breed Our French Bulldogs

We believe that in the case of the French Bulldog, they need to have breaks in between litters. This time to recover is essential for the Frenchie because pregnancy and lactation is much harder on their bodies than most dog breeds. There are many different opinions on this and everyone is entitled to come to their own conclusions based on what they feel comfortable with. No matter why you're breeding a dog, there are a few things that every responsible pet owner and breeder should keep in mind before they get started. When choosing to breed a female dog she has to be healthy enough to carry a litter of puppies to term and also nurse them for at least the first 6 weeks of their lives. Part of this decision is based on the age of the French Bulldog, older female Frenchies will have complications pre- and post-natal. Another aspect to consider is your state's laws. Different states have different laws for what age it is legally "ok" to start breeding your female dog.

Some people believe it's best to wait until her second cycle, while others say she's ready the first time around. To be sure your dog is ready to rear a litter, consider her breed, size, and overall health before making the decision. Smaller dogs tend to reach sexual maturity sooner than larger breeds, and older or unhealthy dogs should not be used for breeding because of health complications. All Frenchies here are TBC are health checked and undergo genetic screening before they become breeding dogs.

Pregnancy cycles

PetMD states that a typical pregnancy for most dogs is around 63 days. During that short amount of time, you will see your pregnant dog undergo a wealth of changes. Like women, dog's pregnancies are broken up into three trimesters, each around 21-days long. During the first trimester, you will not notice many changes in your dog, although a vet will be able to see puppies in an ultrasound around the third week. The second trimester will produce much more noticeable changes, like a distended belly and pronounced nipples and breasts. By trimester three, ultrasounds will be able to show how many puppies she's carrying, by which time it will be just a matter of days until they make their appearance into the world.

How often can she birth?

Biologically speaking, a healthy adult dog should be able to have a litter of puppies with every heat. Whether or not that's recommended is an entirely different issue and one that is often debated. Some believe that breeding your dog back-to-back may decrease her chances of bearing healthy puppies over time. To remedy this, some breeders will only breed their young female dog back-to-back through two or three heat cycles, then spay and retire her.

On the other hand, some believe there's no real evidence that waiting for one cycle in between heats will do anything to help the dog rest and recuperate until her next pregnancy. The reason some people are against waiting in between is that with every missed cycle, the dog ages, making her less able to bear healthy litters over time. All of these proposed arguments provide even more reason to keep in close touch with your veterinarian to decide what pregnancy plan will be right for your specific dog.

Things to keep in mind

Selecting a suitable mate, providing a safe place for our Frenchies to whelp her puppies, and having proper medical care and nutrition available for our Frenchies are just a few of the things they need to have a successful pregnancies. I also supplement their daily diets the same way that I do for our Bengal cats. Additionally, the responsibility that comes with breeding doesn't stop once our puppies have been weaned, so we are always sure to place new puppies with pet owners who will make their health, safety, and well-being a top priority.

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